Prenatal Yoga - The Winter Series

Prenatal Yoga is back in the Nest!

This is a beautiful Prenatal Yoga Series great for all stages of Pregnancy! WellNest is centrally located to easily assist moms looking for Prenatal Yoga in Albany, Latham, Niskayuna, Troy and Clifton park area!

Prenatal Yoga Series: Intuitive Birthing**
Saturdays, 4pm -5:15pm

Fall Series Concludes December 16th. We'll be taking a break for the holidays and will return in January!

Next Series Begins: January 13th - February 17th

$100 for the 6 week series

$20 Drop-in rate

Pregnancy is a special and sacred time for women to connect and bond with their child and her miraculous body. Make your pregnancy more joyful and comfortable as you prepare for childbirth with gentle postures, strength-building exercises, breath-work and meditation. This class is an ideal practice to maintain the health and connection between your mind, body, and baby. No yoga experience is necessary and this class is appropriate for all stages of pregnancy. Aside from the physical conditioning and benefits the yoga poses will offer, Prenatal Yoga with Nicole is designed to assist you on the emotional and spiritual plane as well. This series of classes will help calm and quiet the mind, restore the spirit, create a deep connection to your baby, strengthen your intuition, and manifest a sacred birth. --- All in a nurturing atmosphere!

“Yoga” is a Sanskrit word that means “union,” which is what this class is truly all about! This class will deepen your connection with:


Your Body

  • Gain trust and confidence in your body’s innate wisdom for birth
  • Obtain effective skills for coping with the discomforts of pregnancy and labor
  • Learn healthy ways to reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue
  • Increase flexibility, physical stamina, balance, and circulation
  • Tone and strengthen your body, including the uterus and pelvic floor muscles which support and nourish your growing baby in the womb and during birth
  • Immerse yourself in some much needed relaxation and self care


Your Baby

  • Bond with your growing baby through mindfulness, meditation, mantras and visualizations
  • Create a nourishing womb environment through relaxation and gentle Asanas (yoga poses)


Your Intuition

  • Connect to our innate birthing ability and birthright as a woman
  • Create space by healing old thought patterns, emotions and blockages. Thus, creating a safe and nurturing space for your child.
  • Manifest the path for a smooth and happy birth
  • Build trust and faith in your natural instincts as a mother and your body as a birthing being

**To attend our Prenatal Yoga series we must have signed a release. This release will be emailed once you register for class.**

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