What are our clients saying about WellNest Studios?

Reviews from FACEBOOK

Cherise Tolbert — 5 star- I absolutely love WellNest! I started taking classes there this week: the studio is beautiful (LOVE the art, yoga room, and meditation room), Nicole uses essential oils in her practice which really awakens your senses and enhances the experience, and the customer service has been outstanding. It has been a wonderful way to start my day!

Paige Lorette  5 star- This place rocks! Billy and Nicole are friendly and welcoming and the studio is beautiful. I did a Prenatal yoga class with a friend of mine and it was wonderful. Nicole was attentive and flexible to our needs and I felt so relaxed after each class. I look forward to being able to use some of the techniques during labor and birth. Thanks again!

Brian Michael  5 star- These two professionals have years of experience and are dedicated to their clients.

Laura Sokow  5 star - What an amazing concept. Could not be run by two more wonderful people!

Gay Pascal Griffith  5 star- Bill and Nicole have created a beautiful studio to get and stay healthy!

Jacqueline Nanci — 5 star- I went to Mike for a massage and it was one of the best I've had. He gave a thorough consult and focused on exactly what I needed. Not only did he massage but he stretched and focused on breathing as well- I definitely recommend seeing him

Tracy Swanson — 5 star- One of the most beautiful and well thought out studios in the area. I could stay in the meditation room for days. I highly recommend!

Marialana DeRossi — 5 star- Great energy & atmosphere! Look forward to my next visit.

Mary EliZabeth — 5 star- Fantastic!

Janine L — 5 star- Love it!!!

Darcy Stryker — 5 star- Awesome place. Loved the atmosphere and Eileen was great!

Preeti Kashyap — 5 star-Just had my first power flow class and it was the best out of all the classes at other yoga studios I have been to. The ambiance is soooo soothing and instructors are so adept at what they do. Wellnest is your one stop studio to challenge your body and calm your mind.

Susan Lohnas

Throughout the 7+ years I have been training with Bill I have had a simple goal - to see how fit and healthy I can become before aging causes a decline. Each year on my birthday (today) I pause to see how I'm doing. This year I'm in the best shape of my life, a little stronger and healthier than last year.

Bill is a great partner in this journey, pushing me, making sure I don't hurt myself, and keeping our sessions fresh and fun. OK, maybe my idea of fun is a little warped!

When Bill and Nicole's dream, WellNest Studios, became reality earlier this year, I was inspired to vary my routine with spinning and other classes. I think of WellNest as my "wellness home", an essential part of my life rather than an obligation.

My advice to everyone, especially those of us north of 40, is to seriously consider how WellNest can improve your quality of life, now and in years to come. I'm starting another year strong and expect to get stronger!

THANK YOU, Bill & Nicole!

Reviews from YELP


I joined the Wellnest Studio after my first Personal Training session with Bill for many reasons.  The studio is well maintained,  the cleanliness, flexibility, and great knowledge and support by the trainers.  They offer so many options that meet my personal fitness interests and make my experience at the facility more personable and individualized, something I've never found elsewhere.   :)

Reviews from Spa Finder

Sue L: July 2, 2015

WellNest is amazing! The welcoming atmosphere at WellNest is the first thing I noticed. I have participated in their personal training, cycling, yoga, and other fitness classes and LOVE IT! The personal attention motivates me and gives me maximum benefits without injury. Even in group classes, the instructors make beginners feel comfortable while challenging everyone according to their ability. The little extra touches like beautiful decor, artwork, healthy recipes,and monthly charity benefit classes contribute to the community feel of WellNest. WellNest has changed my attitude about fitness from “have to” to “can’t wait to get there”. Gotta go now..