Instructors and Trainers

Bill Laznovsky: OWner, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor

WellNest Studios Owner and Personal Trainer, Billy

Bill is Co-owner, Founder, Personal Trainer and class instructor at WellNest Studios. He has over 16 years of experience in the Fitness field and holds certifications through the National Council of Certified Personal Training as a certified Personal Trainer, certified Functional Training specialist, certified Kettlebell specialist, certified back injury prevention specialist, as well as, a certification for TRX suspension training.

As a former 3 sport athlete and workout enthusiast Bill excelled in Baseball, Track & Field and played soccer at the collegiate level. He has always understood the disciplined approach it takes to achieve optimum results both on and off the field. His determination, focus and motivation permeate into each and every client, class and training session.

Bill has the knowledge, experience and passion for giving people an outlet for positive change and life-long health improvements.  He treats his clients with the utmost respect and motivates them beyond what they once deemed possible.  Creating personalized exercise programs blending resistance training, functional training, flexibility, stability and high intense interval training provides a well-rounded fitness plan to maximize the potential in each of Bill's clients.  Bill strives to connect with his clientele, constructing the very best individualized method to achieve significant results in the safest way possible. 

"It is when we embrace the challenge and continuously push forward that we discover our inner strength and in turn, we evolve…"



Nicoles Lulu photo.jpg

Nicole is a Co-Owner & founder, Yoga Instructor and Wellness advocate at WellNest Studios. Her journey of health and wellness started with her love of Yoga. Nicole came into the practice of yoga after severe injuries due to running. She quickly found that yoga brought the same clarity and ease in the mind & body that she loved so much in her running practice, if not more. Through the consistent practice of yoga, Nicole not only found physical healing for her aliments and injuries but a deep connection to her spirituality and a passion for personal growth. Nicole fell in love with the practice for the spiritual evolution, mental clarity and the balance that it brought to her life. 

Grateful for this practice, Nicole went on to complete her 200RYT in 2013 and later her 500 RYT in 2016 under the guidance of Justin Wolfer in Saratoga Springs. Nicole holds a Masters Degree in Education and as a former Art Teacher, teaching this practice not only became a natural step for Nicole, but a passion.

As a practicing Yogi for over 10 years and an Instructor for 5, Nicole has mindfully developed her teaching style and continues to refine her instruction through workshops and personal growth. As the Co-Owner and designer at WellNest Studios, Nicole first offers her students a safe, warm and welcoming atmosphere to practice and holds space for them to continuously evolve.

Nicole teaches through the wisdom of the breath. Believing that breath is the single most important aspect of the practice, her teaching is based on movement lead by the breath and anatomically finding each pose through light adjustments that are energetically created from it.  It is through this breath led meditative movement that she encourages students to find a connection with their own essence and find their presence. She believes that it is here that one can find inner wisdom and the guidance to bring their own life into balance. 

Nicole’s classes move slower than most because of her belief in mindful movement, proper alignment and the opportunity to observe, feel and connect to the present moment.  Not only does this create a peaceful contrast to daily life, it actually makes her classes quite challenging as moving slow builds strength, stamina, and focus. Through this movement she encourages students to find the balance between strength and ease, while learning how to maintain a calm center even through the hardest challenges both on and off the mat.

Nicole is available for Private Yoga Instruction, Meditation and also provides fitness based yoga classes such as Yoga sculpt, Yoga core and Pilates-Fit in which she still implements her yogic philosophy.

“By giving your full attention to this moment, an intelligence far greater than the egoic mind enters your life.” 


Erika M Pelletier: YOga and Reiki practitioner

Certified Yoga and Reiki Practitioner, Erika

Erika’s earlier experiences with yoga asana and breath work began a transformation into living a more joyful and healthy life.  She incorporates this joy and peace into her career as a Speech Language Pathologist.  While exploring movement from her previous love of dance and healing her own physical injuries with the help of yoga, Erika completed the “Skillful Action-Yoga Teacher Training in Saratoga, NY in August 2013.  The training sealed her love of yoga by widening the circle of amazing people in her life, “each a beautiful soul on their own journey”.  Erika integrates Hatha and Vinyasa Flow yoga with an intelligent and humorous connection to our movements in daily life.  Erika’s classes also include related anatomical information, breath work, yoga nidra and positive quotes for a full experience. 

Erika especially loves time with her amazing family and friends.  She enjoys varying styles of yoga; studying yoga texts; meditation; health/wellness and living joyfully.  She truly loves sharing the gift of yoga with students-new and returning, as well as assisting those with injuries. Erika is also a Level II Reiki Practitioner. 

Her journey continues…..

“Balance, Believe, Evolve-with and without your mat”


Ewa Porzuczek: RYt 500 Hour Yoga Instructor

RYT 500 Hour and Certified Yoga Instructor, Ewa

Ewa’s yoga journey began many years ago. Looking for an effective method towards increasing flexibility after a strenuous workout, Ewa attended her first yoga class. After a few classes she realized Yoga was more then just a way to stretch, it was way to reach inner harmony with mind, body & soul; a way of living that had permeated her everyday routine. Ewa then knew Yoga was her passion and calling in life.

She received her RTY 200 Hour certification from Joschi Yoga Institute in NYC, learning from master teachers Monika Werner & Joschi Schwarz and she received her RTY 500 Hour certification with Justin Wolfer at Rise Yoga & Movement Arts Center in Saratoga Springs. Ewa also has a Reiki Mikao Usui Level 1 certification from  Reiki Master Liliana De Giorgio.


Chris kaszluga: Personal Trainer, Nutritionist

Personal and Group Training Fitness Instructor and Certified Nutritionist, Chris

Chris graduated Magna Cum Laude from Suny Plattsburgh and holds a B.S. in Nutrition, Personal Training and Chemistry. Chris is also an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, a National Posture Institute Certified Resistance Trainer and  CPR/First Aid/AED certified. Chris is currently finishing his last pre-med courses and plans to further his education, yet again, and attend medical school in the future. 

Chris has been a rugged athlete and workout enthusiast since his youth and understands the importance both proper form and adequate nutrition will provide any workout regiment. Chris provides a disciplined style of fitness training, a mentor figure for your nutritional goals and truly appreciates seeing people become the best versions of themselves possible. 



Certified Spin Instructor, Brenda

Brenda McCullen-Moeske - Lives in Niskayuna and works for NYS Department of Taxation and Finance.  Brenda is married and keeps busy with her children’s activities and many hobbies; family time being her favorite.  Brenda received her B.S. Business, Management and Economics, is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Mad Dog Spinning Instructor, CPR/AED and 200hr RYT.  Brenda started taking Spinning classes 15 years ago and decided to turn her love for the class into an opportunity to share her passion with others.  Through Brenda's fitness journey she found yoga as a way to compliment her busy lifestyle.  Yoga has given her the tools for personal reflection, spirituality and mindfulness, the perfect compliment to her higher intensity classes.



Caitlin Sanders: Spin Instructor

Caitlin graduated from Herkimer Community College where she holds an Associate's degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant. She currently works full time in an orthopedic and sports physical therapy clinic in Delmar, NY.  As a National Champion softball player and having been immersed in competitive Athletics for 15 plus years, Cait knows how to bring intensity, passion and energy into all of her classes. 

Cait is from the Albany area and enjoys being as active as she can be. She enjoys hiking with her dogs, fitness classes, and recreational sports. Cait also runs a summer softball camp for young girls who aspire to learn more about the game.She believes that trying something new is necessary towards living life to the fullest!


Curtis Hovey: Spin Instructor

An avid workout enthusiast, Hockey fanatic and dedicated WellNest Community member, is now stepping his game up to bring our beloved community the very thing that drives him to class...Motivating beats, Energy & Encouragement and of course one hell of a workout! Come check out Curtis every Monday night at 5:45pm!


katie Hodgdon: Yoga Instructor


Katie began practicing yoga in 2009 to complement the impacts of running and immediately fell in love with the feelings it brought both inside and out – a sense of purpose, determination and peace.  Knowing she wanted to go deeper and explore all that yoga has to offer, Katie received her RYT 200 hour certification through the High Peaks Hot Vinyasa teacher training program under the guidance of Julie Bell and Julie Coluccio. 


Katie’s classes include creative and safe sequencing with the ultimate goal of leaving one feeling refreshed, restored and at peace, bringing the strength found on the mat to their daily life.  Katie appreciates the clarity that yoga brings, and truly believes that yoga is for every body.   She is a big proponent of keeping an open mind and a positive attitude.  In addition to yoga, Katie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, hiking, running and chasing her very energetic pup.


shannon Miller:  Professional Boxer and fitness instructor


Shannon was introduced to the world of Boxing at a very young age having competed in his first amateur boxing match at just 8 years old. During his 10-year amateur career he won the gold medal at the National Pal tournament in West Palm Beach, Florida, as well as, winning the bronze medal at the USA junior Olympics in Davenport, Iowa.

Shannon turned professional at the age of 18 after entering the Tough man contest at the starlight theater in Latham, NY and winning with a total of 4 knockouts. During his professional career he held a record of 17-5 with 9 knockouts and one “No Contest”.  He would earn the ESPN fight of the year award in 2005 with his epic battle with Vinny Maddalone. He also would fight for the NYS heavyweight title at Madison Square Garden as well as the WBC USA heavyweight title in Rhode Island. Shannon’s second to last fight was against multiple time heavyweight champion of the world Hasim Rahman.

In February 2011 Shannon underwent successful surgery, donating 60% of his liver to his uncle Ray who was suffering from liver cancer. In his last fight, just 10 months after surgery in December of 2011, he finished his career with a decision win and became the first fighter to ever donate their liver and fight again.  Shannon donated his pay from his final fight into a foundation he started called KOLD (knock out liver disease) that would help families suffering from liver and other cancers. He has throughout his life worked as a boxing manager, trainer and promoter, as well as, promoting many of the local amateur mixed martial arts events. He currently works as a Public safety officer at RPI and remains actively teaching Boxing classes.

Bridget quinlan: Yoga Instructor


Bridget began practicing yoga in 2010 with an eye on fitness and health. She quickly learned that through regular practice she was able to bring what she learned on the mat into her daily life. Breathe through the difficult situations and they will become clearer.

In 2014, she received her RYT 200 hour certification through the Hot Warrior Yoga teacher training program with Jennilee Toner. Bridget’s classes are well rounded focusing on alignment and incorporating the whole body.

Bridget has been teaching elementary school since 2004 and is a Level II Reiki practitioner. She enjoys being active and spending time with her family.


Erin Brownell: Yoga Instructor


Erin has been practicing yoga for over ten years, and is continually growing as a teacher and a student. She began her journey while searching for a way to release stress after a move to New York City following college. As a former gymnast and dancer, she found yoga to be a natural transition and began to build back her flexibility and strength. She attended class at various studios, deepening her love of yoga, before finding Jai Yoga Arts in Brooklyn. Two weeks after her first class at the studio, she knew it was the place and time to commit to becoming a teacher. It ended up being a life changing decision, one that she is grateful for every day. She completed her 200RYT in May of 2014 with Ella Luckett, and went on to teach at Jai for three years before moving upstate.

Erin teaches a vinyasa flow style, allowing breath to move easily and freely, creating spaciousness through asana. She encourages her students to let go of the rest of their day and find peace and bliss during their practice. She believes it is a time to reflect and bring awareness to the mind, body and spirit. Erin's classes build to an energizing peak, and then slow to relaxing floor poses and meditation. Her hope is that students leave class feeling light and balanced, both physically and mentally.

"May all beings everywhere be happy and free"


Sarah Laskey, PT, DBT: Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Sarahs Cycle Bio Photo.jpg

Sarah has been personal training and teaching group fitness classes since 2009. She holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. She currently practices orthopedic and sports physical therapy in Delmar, NY. Her background in physical therapy makes her uniquely suited to training and instructing people of all fitness levels.

Sarah has previously taught indoor cycling, strength training, and flexibility classes in Boston, MA and Palo Alto, CA. Her interests include running, corrective exercise, and anything outdoors. She believes exercise should be fun and that the best workouts start with a positive attitude.


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." 


Dylan Farnan: 500hr RYT Yoga INstructor

Dylan Farnan Bio Photo.jpg

Dylan’s yoga journey began several years ago when he sought to become more physically active. He realized that yoga was not just about exercise for the body, but also for the mind. He experienced many benefits from yoga and was eager to learn more about this ancient practice. He became familiar with different styles of yoga - vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga, bikram yoga, barkan yoga and ashtanga yoga. He spent many years as a student and eventually chose to become a certified yoga instructor, wishing to share what he had learned. 

Dylan received his 500 hour YTT certification at Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences and Research in Indore, India. He studied for two months at the center under the leadership of Guruji, Dr. Omanand and the diverse staff, all of whom hold a Masters Degree or a PhD in Yoga. They reflect on various styles of yoga but teach original, traditional yoga without being confined to a particular style. Focusing on asanas (yoga poses), pranayama (breath work), and meditation, Dylan’s classes touch on the internal fundamentals of yoga to achieve mind and body wellness.

“Yoga is cessation of the movements of the mind”


Fiona Nelson: 200hr RYT Yoga Instructor


Fiona began practicing yoga in 2009 while recovering from knee surgery, in hopes of increasing her flexibility and strength.  Although initially drawn to yoga for the physical benefits, she soon began to feel the positive effects of yoga in many other areas of her life.  Regularly practicing the breath linked postures of Vinyasa yoga and meditating helped Fiona learn to stay mindful and develop a gentler, more loving relationship with her own body.  Eager to share her love of yoga with others, she completed her 200 hour RYT certification through JAI Yoga School in Albany, NY under the guidance of Meg Horan.  Through teaching yoga, Fiona aims to plant seeds of awareness and radical self-acceptance in students as she guides students through fun and explorative sequences, while being attentive to each student’s individual needs.  In her classes, an emphasis is placed on creating a safe and supportive space for all students to deepen their yoga practice and connect through the breath to their inner-most self. 


Crystal hewitt-gill: 200hr RYT Yoga Instructor


Crystal’s yoga journey began in 2015, when she began a daily practice to help manage stress and improve her physical fitness. Over time she began to notice the profound emotional effects of a daily practice and the sense of calm and well being that it provided, as well as the physical benefits. Crystal enjoys working with students of all levels in helping them expand their practice, strengthen their bodies and minds, and deepen their awareness of their physical selves.

Wellness Practitioners


Doreen Costa, LMT: Deep Tissue, Swedish, and more!

Deep Tissue Swedish Massage Therapist Latham NY

Doreen is a NYS licensed massage therapist.  She graduated from the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy in 2005.   She is also a NYS licensed and registered occupational therapist with over 18 years of experience.  As an OT, she has worked with individuals with various needs and within all age groups.  She desires to practice within both professions with the intent to help others enhance the quality of their lives.

Doreen strives to provide her services in a professional and caring manner being very sensitive to the needs of her clientele.  She will customize her massage sessions and incorporate various massage therapy techniques depending on the needs of her clients.  She can vary her pressure to provide deep tissue work or utilize a lighter touch.  Whether the goal is to help minimize aches and pains, alleviate stress, or just to relax and unwind to take time out for yourself, she hopes to create a safe, effective, and positive experience.  



Donna Kuri, LMT: Deep Tissue, Swedish and more

Donna Profile with enlight.jpg

Donna Kuri, LMT, is a graduate of the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy. She has been a licensed massage therapist by the state of New York since 2002, and has had
additional training in Reiki energy healing. Donna has been a dedicated therapist in the spa and wellness industries for the last 15 years.  

Donna's goal is to tailor each massage session to meet the client's specific needs. Being a firm
believer in the connection between body and mind, she finds that massage is a viable modality in relieving both physical and emotional stress and has the ability to enhance each individuals overall health and well being. 



Bridget Cox, LMT:  Deep Tissue, Shiatsu and more

Bridget Final Photo.jpg

Bridget Cox, LMT, is a graduate of the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy. She has been a licensed massage therapist by the state of New York since 2015.


Bridget knows there are many reasons to seek a massage therapist. Whether you are looking to decrease your bodies response to stress, improve mobility for your workout or are recovering from an injury, Bridget will be there in each phase of your journey, assisting you in reaching your goals.


Bridget is proficient in various modalities including Swedish, Deep tissue, Myofascial release, Shiatsu, Reiki & Acupressure. Her goal after each session is leaving you in a greater state of balance in both mind & body.


Komal Khalsa Mehls: Grounding, Therapeutic, Relaxing, Flowing, Intuitive, nurturing and Fluid

Komal's Profile Pic.JPG

Komal Khalsa Mehls, LMt, is a graduate from the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy.  She has been a licensed massage therapist by the state of New York since 2017.

Komal is passionate about self-care and through experience has learned that every client is unique and should be approached with a fresh set of eyes and ears. Her goal is to create a positive impact on each individual client’s health, support them in their journey of wellness and to thoughtfully tailor each massage session in accordance with the client’s request.

Komal employs a fusion of western kinesiology and eastern mindfulness practices and aims to integrate a variety of modalities within each session. She strives to provide each client with the appropriate therapeutic touch while also giving them a strong sense of relaxation.

Komal believes that by focusing on each client’s sense of comfort and relaxation she is able to achieve optimal results without pain or discomfort and gently usher their body toward peace, balance and relaxation.


Makala Gatta, LMT: Deep tissue, sports massage cupping and more

Makala's Profile Pic.jpg

Makala Gatta is a graduate of the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy. Makala has been a licensed massage therapist since 2011 specializing in Deep tissue, Sports, Cupping and Medical massage.


Makala most recently worked for the University of Texas Collegiate athletic program as a massage therapist and as an athlete herself, Makala is well versed in the aches and pains that come with trying to stay active, and strives to help her clients stay balanced so that they can continue doing what they love. Based on the clients needs, she customizes each massage session to help speed up muscle recovery after a workout or injury, increase or maintain range of motion, ease chronic pain, and reduce muscle tightness to prevent injury.

Nest Therapist 

Kona and Luna: Door Greeters and Wellnest therapists

Kona lifting weights

Kona lifting weights