William and Nicole Laznovsky

The dream of WellNest has been developing for a very long time. Its journey started with and idea and snowballed into a reality.

As a personal trainer of 13 years, Bill has a passion for giving people an outlet for positive change and life-long health improvements.  He treats his clients with the utmost respect and elevates them to gain significant results in the safest way possible. Creating individualized exercise programs blending resistance training, functional training, flexibility & stability training, etc., provides a well rounded fitness plan to maximize the potential in each of Bill's clients.  Bill loves connecting with his clientele and giving them the very best to achieve their goals. It's because of this, Bill has been dreaming of a place to bring his clients that has a sophisticated atmosphere, privatized gym to customize sessions and a healthy, positive environment.  

Billy from WellNest Studios

As a former art teacher, Nicole has been studying the arts and its healing nature for 10 plus years. As an artist she loved to teach the beauty of creativity to children and adults alike. When she found yoga 10 years ago, her expression for art reached a new level. Nicole quickly began to realize that art is not just an expression of creativity through visual expression but through the union of mind, body and soul. Her passion grew into the areas of holistic health and all it's modalities. Nicole trained for her 500 RYT yoga alliance studying the yogic principles of philosophy, practice, posture and anatomy, movement, breath, meditation, health and the Vinyasa Yoga system. She went on to expand her holistic interest in the field of energy healing. Nicole's passion for vitality, wellness, art and the many expressions of life brought a great addition to Bill's vision for a new kind of environment.

Nicole practicing yoga on the beach
Relaxation and Meditation
Yoga on the beach

Together their passions worked hand and hand. As a couple and as a team they created WellNest Studios. A link of studios that handle separate aspects of our wellbeing, working together to bring the people a whole and holistic view on their life-long vitality.


WellNest Studios-Fitness & Wellness LLC believes everyone has the ability to seize his or her

potential and truly live a pure, vital life. Through fellowship, collaboration and devotion,

WellNest Studios helps guide our community towards a vibrant, energetic and fulfilling lifestyle.

At WellNest we celebrate each individual’s potential and have constructed an expert team of

practitioners equipped to provide an exceptional fitness and wellness plan for all clients no matter

their situation. WellNest Studios hosts an inspiring atmosphere for people to come together to

assist, motivate, and guide each other in enjoying the benefits of optimum health for both the

mind and body. With this, WellNest hopes to inspire and motivate the public towards a greater

awareness and compassion for the individual and the whole.

WellNest Studios-Fitness & Wellness LLC

~ Embrace your Wellbeing~